Accelerated Intro to Programming (UCSD CSE 11)

Fall 2021

Hi! This page is a placeholder for now, addressing some frequently asked questions we get about CSE11. We may have linked you to this page in response to an email. Feel free to follow up with with further questions about the course, unless it’s explicitly addressed below.

I have a question about enrollments and the waitlist.

Please contact CSE student affairs, who can give the best advice and information about the enrollment process. They are friendly and helpful and know much more about timing and any updates you will see through the registration system.

Will the course be in person or remote?

Right now we’re expecting to run CSE11 in person in lecture halls and computer labs, per campus announcements. We’ll update here if that changes!

Is attendance required?

We do make use of the fact that class is synchronous, and overall participation and engagement is typically be a part of CSE11 grades. So you should not, for example, enroll in another class that has a time conflict with CSE11, including exams and discussion sections.

Typically we have policies that make it so attendance isn’t strictly required for every class session, so if you have conflicts with a few lectures and discussions here and there, don’t stress about that.

What’s the course material like?

You can see a previous version of the course, which will give you a sense. This offering will not be identical, but will be similar.

I’m not sure if I should take CSE11 or CSE8A.

We endorse the CSE course placement advice. Also feel free to message if you’re not sure.

What if I have enrolled in CSE11 but won’t be able to be in La Jolla for most or all of Fall 2021?

Please contact